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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool # 7

I would like to work with another bilingual classroom on a science topic for my collaborative project.
Content: The seasons of the year.

Objective: The students will be able to name the different seasons of the year, and explain the characteristics of the four different seasons by drawing a picture and writing a paragraph about their favorite season of the year. When finished they will share their works with another class using Skype and Stupeflix
Implement: I will implement this project during the second nine weeks.

Tools: The tools to be used are IPads, Notebooks, Skype, Stupeflix, ACTIVInspire, and Discovery Education.

Description of the project: I plan to work this project by bilingual pairs and we will have a brief conversation before they start research about the seasons of the year and we will watch some videos from Discovery Education.  The students will research the information from books and the Internet; I will provide the format for them use. They should mention the characteristics of each season and the changes in the animal’s habitats and human being arrangements’. 

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