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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool # 10

Some of the things that I will discuss with my students about “digital citizenship” are:     
a) The SBISD Acceptable Use Policy and how it should be addressed as indicated in the student handbook.
b) Safely and appropriate digital links using personal safety, avoiding cyber bulling and to be aware the  intellectual property  of others and the consequences if they  violate the security rules.
c) Digital world, digital literacy, digital era is part of our life and we can take advantage of all of the opportunities available but I will teach them to be responsible, be respectful of others and safe in a digital community.

      2.  I will plan to use the following resources:
·        A chart of resources by grade level and content available on the SBISD Ed Tech website.

3.     I will "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to my students discussing different topics and situations using videos from SBISD Ed Tech website, and

4.     I will plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with my students’ parents during parent/teacher conferences and open house. I will explain to them the importance of the use and integration of technology with the curriculum and I will encourage them to sign a release that will allow their kids the use of technology. I will request them to assist by encouraging their child to follow guidelines for proper use of the devices and programs.

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