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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tool # 11

1.      My favorite tools are:
Google docs
Youtube Discovery Education

I plan to incorporate more technology skills and tools into my teaching.  My first graders will learn some procedures and rules before they start using the programs. They can create a book using Storybird and Bookr.

2. Definitely, resources learned from 11 tools helped me to change my classroom vision. I will accommodate and incorporate the necessary tools in various ways to increase student learning. I will engage and motivate the 21st. Century learner to be success incorporating these tools.

3.  Making this blog helped me a lot and surprised me about all the tools and technology possibilities for use to teach to my students.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool # 10

Some of the things that I will discuss with my students about “digital citizenship” are:     
a) The SBISD Acceptable Use Policy and how it should be addressed as indicated in the student handbook.
b) Safely and appropriate digital links using personal safety, avoiding cyber bulling and to be aware the  intellectual property  of others and the consequences if they  violate the security rules.
c) Digital world, digital literacy, digital era is part of our life and we can take advantage of all of the opportunities available but I will teach them to be responsible, be respectful of others and safe in a digital community.

      2.  I will plan to use the following resources:
·        A chart of resources by grade level and content available on the SBISD Ed Tech website.

3.     I will "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to my students discussing different topics and situations using videos from SBISD Ed Tech website, and

4.     I will plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with my students’ parents during parent/teacher conferences and open house. I will explain to them the importance of the use and integration of technology with the curriculum and I will encourage them to sign a release that will allow their kids the use of technology. I will request them to assist by encouraging their child to follow guidelines for proper use of the devices and programs.

Tool # 9

1.      It is very important to tie the technology to the objective because through the objective you explain what you want to teach and how you will do it; and, technology is a great resource to reinforce the curriculum and the teaching and learning process.

2.      We should hold students accountable for the stations/centers because it is their opportunity to show how much they understand and apply their knowledge.

3.      Two interactive websites I will use with my First Graders are and because they can use it during the bilingual literacy centers to strengthen the reading and writing skills. I can hold the students accountable for their time in these stations by requesting them to write about what they are working on. Another way is to take scores from the different content area games they play.

4.      I found a lot of apps for the iPad; three of the most easy to use for my First Graders are Storybird, Wallwisher and Skype. I want to, and I will encourage them to use it in the classroom to improve their reading and writing skills in all content areas. They can also use it in Math to illustrate problem-solving skills. I can hold the students accountable for their time in these stations saving their paperwork and evaluating their oral presentations.

5.      The students will have a different way to use their iPads and I will let them express their creativity, knowledge and interests. They can create movies with Stupeflix or write a book in Storybird or Bookr for Language Arts projects. For Science projects, they can research in Google Earth to explore landforms, geography, oceans, rivers etc. They will use the NASA website for solar systems, planets, moon and for seasons, climate and the weather around the world. They will have lots of opportunities to learn, have fun and share with other students in different classrooms or schools using Skype or Facebook.

Tool # 8

These videos are very useful and easy to follow. All the tools and videos are efficient and effective and I will use them in my classroom. I learned about the iPads, how to create an iTunes account and how to download an App. I’m glad to learn how to connect the notebooks to the projector. I really like the link about iPads in the classroom with the tutorials and the information pages.

I will set expectations for how to use the devices and make projects. I’m working on the classroom management technology procedures and rules.

As a bilingual classroom, the students will work in bilingual pairs with technology as part of their workstations or bilingual literacy centers. I’m pretty sure that we will have a positive and engaging environment the help of the technology working together and helping each other.

Tool # 5

I used Storybird to create a fantasy story about when the animals go to school and how they feel at the First Day of School. This site is Awesome and easy to use. The students will love this site because they can write and illustrate their own storybook.

Tool # 7

I would like to work with another bilingual classroom on a science topic for my collaborative project.
Content: The seasons of the year.

Objective: The students will be able to name the different seasons of the year, and explain the characteristics of the four different seasons by drawing a picture and writing a paragraph about their favorite season of the year. When finished they will share their works with another class using Skype and Stupeflix
Implement: I will implement this project during the second nine weeks.

Tools: The tools to be used are IPads, Notebooks, Skype, Stupeflix, ACTIVInspire, and Discovery Education.

Description of the project: I plan to work this project by bilingual pairs and we will have a brief conversation before they start research about the seasons of the year and we will watch some videos from Discovery Education.  The students will research the information from books and the Internet; I will provide the format for them use. They should mention the characteristics of each season and the changes in the animal’s habitats and human being arrangements’. 

Tool # 6

I chose Skype and Wallwisher to use in my classroom. They are great teaching tools to share with different teachers a lot of creative and innovative strategies. Using Skype we can make connections and talk with persons around the world by video conference, my Skype name is MsYinat (without space and period).

 Wallwisher is a collaborative workspace; it is an online bulletin board using sticky notes for announcements, questions, ideas, etc. I have attached a link to my Wallwisher about the summer. Please add a sticky-note if you would like. I will love to hear about your summer vacation.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 4

I created a video about Puerto Rico using Stupeflix. Was so fun and interesting!

Starting from Google docs, simply go to More, scroll down to Stupeflix and create a new video downloading your own personal pictures from your file. I could use this Tool in my classroom to introduce new concepts in the dialy curriculum.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool # 3

I used the Discovery Education videos most of the time in my classroom to integrate the core courses. Now, I am glad to have two more accounts with Teacher Tube and School Tube. Two videos,  I believe that will be useful are Questions about Guided Reading from Teacher Tube and Carnivorous Plat Trap from School Tube. Also, I have learned how to embed videos and open a hyperlink. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tool # 2

Some teacher’s made a very interesting blogs. I enjoyed visiting a lot of blogs. Building Community in the Online Environment and create my PLN will be a great resource to find colleagues and share similar thoughts, creative ideas, lesson plans, behavior managements procedures and projects.
I would like to share the link about Mrs. McGriff’s reading Blog seems like a very organized teacher J

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tool # 1

Tool # 1

Welcome to my page! This journey will be a great and fun experience. My students and parents would enjoy sharing comments, classwork's, projects and homework's. I am learning, so be patient... :)